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About Us

Perla´s pieces are frank in the way that hand-made ceramics offer a view backward in time to the production of each piece. Formal qualities find their essence in the unique shapes, textures, edges, and hues. This honest expression lends beauty to the finish of each piece, and it is dually the inspiration for each design decision. The exacted proportions of the vessel come from the relation to the hand to the body to the object. Every flourish in clay connects the maker to the user, the hand that crafts to the hand that picks up. They are daily objects of quality because they lend themselves to the sensibilities of everyday use. 

Following the teachings of philosopher & essayist Soetsu Yanagui, Perla's work is frank, sensual, and corporal, as it relates to the body in the handmade process, evident in the imprints of her signature pieces. These attributes will flood all of the homes that welcome her craft, making its users more sensitive to the qualities that talent and the handmade confers.

Our range of products goes from our hand-thrown one-of-a-kind signature vases and tableware, made by Don Jesus Torres, and our slip-cast editions.

Behind Valtierra

Originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, Perla Valtierra is the founder and designer of the brand since its conception in 2010. Led by Perla´s creative vision, the brand produces high-end, handcrafted ceramics in Mexico. The brand comprises two workshops located in the Bajío area and of a team of 20 artisans and creatives.

With an international scope for profiling the best-handcrafted goods, Valtierra has trained and lived in Paris, Kyoto, and Brussels. Perhaps nothing defines her better than being an aesthete. An eternal explorer of objects, craft, and diverse cultures, she behaves as an alchemist who mixes clays and experiments with different glaze techniques. 

Valtierra sometimes describes herself as a ceramist apprentice, more than a designer. She has practiced traditional pottery in various communities of Mexico, among them in Zacatecas, Guanajuato, and Oaxaca. The need to explore other techniques and cultures also has led her to extend her practice and research in Japan, Belgium, and France. Today, she continues experimenting in Mexico City where she resides.

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